Archbishop’s Palace - Rehabilitation / Preservation
Ottawa, Ontario
Archdiocese of Ottawa
The Archbishop's Palace, a grand, limestone structure constructed around 1848, and the Notre-Dame Cathedral, built between 1841 and 1897, are prominent landmarks in the city. The adjacency of the Archbishop's residence and the Cathedral replicates the traditional, and functional relationship established between the residence of the Archbishop of Paris, France, and the adjacent "Notre-Dame de Paris".

Our firm carried out the design and site review of extensive restorations to the Archbishop's Palace. The project consisted of the following work:

• Removal of a previous addition to the building and two links to the Cathedral.

• Construction of a new link to the Cathedral on the west side of the residence.

• Restoration of the building to its original appearance.

Due to its deterioration, the whole interior of the building was carefully removed. A bar-joist and reinforced concrete structural system replaced the existing timber construction. The existing interior, heritage details, such as wood panelling, trims, and sculptures, were carefully removed, and reinstalled during the restoration process. Based on the original designs, specialized artisans reproduced intricate wood details and furniture.

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