École élémentaire catholique

Ottawa, Ontario
Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est
The design features of this school include an open plan in the common areas, and an abundance of windows. In particular, a skylight, above the second floor corridor, allows sunlight to stream into internal spaces, and brightens both the first and second levels of the building.

Because there is public/community use of the school building and grounds during evenings and week-ends, the design incorporates a series of special doors that separate the foyer, library, gymnasium, washrooms, and administrative offices from the areas that are dedicated to remain unused and secure after school hours.

The corridors were designed to be “open-ended” so as to allow classrooms to be added without disruption to the school year or to the occupants.

The current occupants of the school claim that their new school is cheerful, bright, and safe. The students are very pleased with the wide corridors, where they can prepare out-of-classroom projects, and the teachers are pleased with the fact that they can easily supervise the students.

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